Записи в рубрике Torsion fields

Virtual electrons

Anatoly Pavlenko offered the hypothesis that a torsion field consists of virtual particles. Like this, the operation of mobile telephones causes left torsion fields producing virtual electrons that generate free radicals in the human body and unhealthy affect it. This theory is partially confirmed by wave genetics. After listening to the matrices created by the… (читать далее)

Coherent water

In order to create coherent water, a chip developed by Dr. Krasnobryzhev is used. It is called “the synchronizer”. Research has been carried out in Johannesburg on AIDS patients. Positive results have been obtained. You can take a look at the photo of the chip and the test done on patients.

Spinor International

Spinor International http://spinor.kiev.ua/eng/prod.php?p=2   «Spinor International» company is one of leaders in area of development and production facilities for man defence from negative influencing of the torsion (information) fields, generated by different electronic technique which is used in everyday life. Our company offer for your devices that after 15 years of researches and use we… (читать далее)

Akimov torsion generator.

The Akimov torsion generator generates left or right torsion field, modulated by various signals. It is possible to use this generator in various spheres such as information transfer, room cleaning, the changes of metals properties, charging of water and others.  Maintenance manual (extract). The generator has two connectors. One of them is used for operating… (читать далее)